Falling Frames

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In Falling Frames the Director of this film finds himself in a precarious situation when a hapless character from his own movie kidnaps him in this surreal comedy. The Kidnapper demands that the Director write him a happy ending as he struggles to understand how he was able to break down the fourth wall and abduct the Director from the real world.Through their conversations the Director is forced to think more deeply about the character he has created and what happens when his creative vision gets away from him.

80 minutes

directed by: Michael Patrei

written by: Michael Patrei and Christopher Northington

Music by: the gifted children, Robert Beerman, and Christopher Northington

Starring: Jennifer Candeloro, Katie Giacovelli, Ronnie Gouger, Catherine Hood, Gary Hood, Anna Meyerhoff, Christopher Northington, Michael Patrei, Lauren Telarole, and Sara Zarr

With: support from The Tramontane Cafe Utica, NY, choreography by Katie Giacovelli and Vincent Roache, costumes by Heather Neil

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The DVD of this 80 minute feature film Falling Frames comes with a special collectors book of photographer Marc Goldberg’s behind-the-scene photos.  The DVD also includes over 35 minutes outtakes and extras, along with a full length filmmakers commentary.